Field Pack List For Reservist Training and MOB Manning

After 6 years of being a civilian after my ORD days, I am finally being called back for 17 days of Reservist Training. This, in turn, starts my 10 years Reservist Cycle and so… since I am 27 years old now, by 37 years old – no more active participation in the Army!

Given a chance to talk about my experiences in the Army can take many months and many posts but I will leave it to future posting.

For now, as a start and giving back to some of the readers here – I have prepared a Field Pack List for your reference, a small note though, this may differ a bit here and there from your attached unit.

List of Field Pack Items (Updated For 2013):

Packet 01

  • 01 pair of No. 4 Uniform

Packet 02

  • 01 Green Towel

Packet 03

  • 01 Vest
  • 01 SAF PT Shorts
  • 02 Underwear
  • 02 Green Socks

Packet 04

  • 01 Toilet Roll
  • 01 Toothbrush
  • 01 Tooth Paste
  • 01 SAF Disposable Pre-Soap Sponge (recommended to get this from the eMart before your Reservist)
  • 01 Shaving Kit
  • 01 Bottle of Foot Powder

Packet 05

  • 02 AA-Sized Spare Torch Light Batteries
  • 01 Pair of Bootlaces
  • 01 Pair of Gutter
  • 06 Tea Candles
  • 01 Lighter
  • 01 Housewife Sewing Kit

Packet 06

  • 01 SAF Sandal / Slippers

Packet 07 (Non-Packet Items)

  • 01 Ground Sheet (provided during your Reservist Period)
  • 01 Side Mess Tin
  • 01 Rifle Cleaning Kit (provided during your Reservist Period)
  • 01 Helmet with Camouflage Net / Cover
  • 01 LBV or SBO
  • 01 Utility Bag
  • 01 Toggle Rope

Utility Bag:

  • 01 48 Hrs Combat Ration (provided during your Reservist Period)
  • ET Blade & Stick with Casing (provided during your Reservist Period)
  • 01 Sand Bag (provided during your Reservist Period)
  • Gortex Jacket / Poncho (Your Own or provided during your Reservist Period)
  • Other Operational Equipments (depends on your Reservist Unit)

Items on Body

  • 01 FAD (this will be provided by your Attached Unit)
  • 01 Identification Tag (do bring along this else be prepared to pay $7 for this)

Items in SBO / LBV

  • 02 Green Water Bottle or Water Bladder
  • 01 Insect Repellent
  • 02 Camouflage Paint (1 Green and 1 Black)
  • 01 Range Card with Board
  • 01 Spoon
  • 01 Fork
  • 01 Black Tape
  • 01 Marker
  • 04 Arc of Fire Stick (equipped with Ranger Eye and Black Taped) – This is a new item or known as Chopstick that’s to be used as together with your Range Card.

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  1. Jeevz says

    fUGEN AWESOME BRO!… i needed the packing list badly! Thanks!!!

    ther NS portal almost killed me.. i gave up lookin for it there

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